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Notes on the Crises Podcast #1: Joe Weisenthal on Supply Chains

November 3, 2021


On the first episode of the new Notes on the Crises Podcast, Nathan talked to Joe Weisenthal. Joe is a Bloomberg journalist, co-host of the Odd Lots podcast and co-manager of the Odd Lots blog. They talked about all things supply chains. Joe has been interviewing various experts about every component of global supply chains for the past six months, and offers our listeners a fresh perspective about what’s going on with shipping, freight and logistics worldwide. 


This episode explores the impact the Great Financial Crisis had on supply chains. Nathan and Joe talk through the implications of the global crisis both for labor conditions in the supply chain (particularly trucking), and climate change. From the big picture, down to the specifics of what’s going wrong specifically with the Ports, Trucking, and Rail. 


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